Assignment Hualcan glacier
Laguna 513 mission, act 2
Hi all, I have just came back from a treck to the Hualcan glacier, 6100m high mountain above Carhuaz village, in Ancash Peru. I went there to finally finish a photostory started last year for CWE. Carhuaz village and communities arround have been hit by aluvium recently due to huge blocks of ice falling into the altitud lake creating a devastating wave/flood. Last time, I was able to do some interviews of Quechua villagers and authorities. This time I didnt break my leg and I had the chance to see closely how this glacier looks like. Here are couple of (very fresh!) pictures to give you a taste of this amazing but dangerous place… Very impressive, it makes you feel humble, we are indeed very small compare to the forces of nature. The full photostory will be ready for the coming major CWE exhibit in Lima in february. Peace.
More infos of the event in the CWE Facebook gallery here

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