Assignment in Papua
Documenting sea level rising and giant tide in Papua New Guinea
Powerfull life stories in the east Papua New Guinea, Manus island area, where the numerous island arround are being hit by unusual king tides and storms. Popolation living there are seeing their habitat beeing modified and the consequences on their daily life are already affected them. 3 weeks assignment for CWE up there, tandem with Laird Townsend, journalist friend, and founder of Project Word.
King tide / Island residents didn’t see it coming, but quick thinking saved most houses from the waves—for now
December is normally the stormy season on three small islands in Manus Province, Papua New Guinea. But nothing in history had prepared the islanders for the unprecedented fury of the 2008 storm they called King Tide. Having engaged in communitywide rescue operations with no government help, residents are bracing for more extreme weather this year—at the very time that delegates will be meeting in Copenhagen to decide policy on climate change. If the islanders could go, they would ask: Who’s responsible for the rising seas and angry storms? Who’s responsible for our relocation costs?

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