Assignment in Quito: Water issue
New story for CWE exhibits, and new CWE country tour too
After the great success of the Conversations with the Earth tour in Peru this year, I am glad to announce you that the roadshow in latin america is moving on, next destination: Ecuador! And funny enaugh, we will start the major exhibition at the famous Centro Metropolitano de QUito, in the exact same place where I did and exhibit 5 years ago with the work Voices from the Andes.
The tour will also be counting on local partner like Alliance Francaise and the Quito Municipality. It will take place in Quito in June 2013, in the frame of the Medio Embiemte festival that the town is organizing. Then most probably 4 cities will host the show afterward including Guyaquil, Cuenca and Loja.
For this special opening event in Quito, the town wants to add a new photostory about the region, and more specifically about water which is a strategic question for a major capital city situated at near 3000m above see level. I will publish soon this photostory on this site, for now here is a preview of one of the amazing places which are surrounding Quito, the great lakes in the paramo ecosystems, source of water for everybody.

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