Cockfighting in Huancayo
Vivid and popular tradition of peruvian cockfighting
2 years ago I was in Cusco for work when I saw a poster on the street talking about the coming regional final of cockfighting. This sign was colorfull enaugh to catch my attention and I decided to have a closer look since I was in town. I ended up in the coliseo de gallos de Huancaro (also famous for his huge cementary and celebration spirit during the dia de los muertes but that is another story…).
Anyway, that was my first time in a cockfighting event, and I must say it was fascinating. Both the energy of the people supporting their champions, the intensity of the fights, the sounds, the smell, the flow of the Cusquenia beers, etc… I spend the whole day feeling progressively the strange mood of this vibrant colliseo, and shooting angry roosters fighting for their lives. I also met Eric there, a professional breeder from Lima, and later on he introduced me to the cockfighting circles of the capital city which I will show soon in another photostory. For now, click the link below to see some shots of the serie I took back then in Cusco in this bloody remembering day.

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