CWE project
Start of the CWE project: Conversations with the Earth
Barcelona IUCN conference, nice sunny town for a world summit on the nature conservation… Back in Cusco couple monthes ago, I had a great conversation with Brian Keane, director of Land is Life , and NGO specialized on indigenous issues and actions on indigenous lands. We talked about creating a project putting forward the voice of the Indigenous leader in the world who are facing all kind of problems, politically or land expropriation, abuses…
The idea was to use strong portrait high scale photography and digital recordings of their voices to goes along and illustrate their concerns to the wide audience via a multimedia exhibition. The code name for this idea is Earth Guardians… Well In Barcelona, we actually moved forward on this concept and with the help of TCF and the visionnary skills of mister Gleb, we put together a team to work on the first milestone of this kind of project: it will be called CONVERSATIONS WITH THE EARTH , Indigenous Voices on Climate Change (CWE).
Putting together experts from different media field, it will primarly be focused on climate change issues and with the first goal to represent the voices of minorities, the indigenous people, on the COP 15 Climate Change Summit hold in Copenhagen in Dec 2009. My role in that initiative will be the image guy, the photographer and the multi-media exhibition curador… Huge challenge indeed! More news soon on that important project. More info on the dedicated intro website here , enjoy guys…

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