Exhibition – Takanakuy
The traditional andean fights are in Lima in June
For those few who are familiar with the Takanakuy, it is a Quechua word mostly meaning “fighting”, and I also heard overthere “when the blood is boiling”. It reflects very well whats going on once a year during xmass time in Santo Tomas (a remote village in the high Andes, province of Chumbivilca, Peru) where communities are celebrating this important ritual fighting. Much more than a violent demonstration, this tradition has its own history and respectful codes. Above all its a way to solve their problems between themselves in front of all the community. For some it is like a sport too where one can show his strength and courage to the participants and to the different villages. Famous lineages of family champions have gain respected names fighting for their honor through generations. For all the “Takanakuy” is a true catharsis where problems of the year are getting overcome and solved.
The Universidad Weiner, in Lima, has put together a collaborative exhibition on Takanakuy. Several photographers are participating, including Supay photo. I have myself a couple of shots too. The show will be from june 12 till end of the month, at the University of Weiner, Auditorio de la Universidad – Jr. Larrabure y Unanue 110, Santa Beatriz, Lima. See photos of the opening HERE


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