Exhibition at Lima
Conversations with the Earth Peru 2012 tour
The Conversations with the Earth peruvian tour has been a fantastic success, in fact this 6 monthes of activities have created a key milestone for this ambitious project, especially in the partners aspect, publications and press coverage, and exhibition school visits quality and numbers. Hosted in the Museo Metropolitano de Lima, the exhibit, renamed in spanish Conversaciones con la Madre Tierra / Voces indigenas sobre el cambio climatico, has attracted lots of people. The museum itselve complemented us on the quality of the exhibit, saying it might be the best show they have ever hosted in their temporary exhibit room. In addition for the first time various new photostories have been presented in the multimedia exhibition: the Tarsands story (Ben Powless), the Altai story (Gleb raygorodetsky) and the recent Peruvian Andes tsunami story (myself), beeing printed and displayed in the growing CWE exhibit now. More than 115 photographs were composing this edition, 2 giant plasma screens, 2 carved gourd from Irma, one video projection room, one kids pannel display, 9 sounds booth, a giant map of the world with all CWE stories marked on it, a video festival, and a nice CWE catalogue, full education progamm pilot done with hundreds of kids… Lots of good things indeed. And last but not least, the show is now heading to Ecuador to continue its south america tour! Thank you to all the partners for making this important project a reality, especially The Christensen Foundation TCF, Lia and Swift; also local peruvian partner like the Alliance Francaise network, La Cooperacion Andina, Antalis, Ma+GO design… Thank you again for your involvment!



  See more about this CWE Peru 2012 Tour via the dedicated Facebook page (in spanish)

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