Panamericana for sale
Compiled ads viewed from one hour cruising the Panamericana
When you are leaving Lima city to take the famous Panamericana to the south of Peru, you can be stroke by the incredible amount of advertising pannels which have invaded the road sides. Especially in summer time, those pannels are everywhere, and have every possible shape, the larger the better. Some pannels are in fact so crazy and absurd that you are actually smiling (it reminds me some seen in Ecuador), but for the most part I must say that what you just see is a never ending advertising corridor, a visual pollution blocking the landscape. To me it is at the same time culturally fascinating and also far too much to bare.
Here is a sample of compiled photo of all pannels I could take during 1h of cruising south twith the Panamericana; a strange mosaic to give a sens of whats going on here.

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