Sport Assignment in Lima
Viva el Morro!
The other day I have received an invitation to come covering the Red Bull Downhill competition at the famous rock/hill in Lima called “el morro”. Quite impressive location, imagine a huge rock with a view on all the city on the right and the sea on the left. They had designed a pretty scary downhill track, and after a couple of hesitations I have found myself a great place to take picture of the riders jumping. The champion of south america Christian Escobar actually won the competition with an insane chrono. Beeing an aficionados of mountain bike, I have been doing “El morro” couple of time, but very slowly, absolutly nothing comparable to those champions who doesnt feel the fear at all. Impressive.

By the way wheck it out, here is a little clip I did last time when we were there with some friends, have a look at this Morro… Crazy place…

El Morro from Nicolas Villaume on Vimeo.

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