Andean Forests

Dive into the high elevation  forests of the world

A fabulous VR journey deep inside the Cordillera Andina high altitud forests: from the could forests of Colombia to massive strato volcanos of of Chili, this experience will make you feel how amazing and how importants are those ecosystems are for millions of people.



Land of snow leopard
Land of snow leopard

Meet this elusive animal, and the threats it faces

Multimedia platform sharing the voices of local stewards working on the front lines of snow leopard protection today in Central Asia. Dive into the snow leopard habitats through a virtual journey from Russia Altaï republic to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

• ENTER VR (2021)



Viajes en Khipu

A search for the Inca’s ultimate secret

VR journeys at the heart of the Inca culture, developed for a multi-sensorial exhibition about the Khipus, misterious traditional artifacts that the Incas was using to « compute » their stocks, production and belongings. A mixed art work produced for Chazz Design, Peru.